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The life of Rajeev Kumar Shrivastav, born in Harpur New Basti, Ballia-Uttar Pradesh on 9th April, 1972, was a simple, greener and lovingly childish childhood, but the youth came and changed in a struggling life. As it grew in the five siblings, the loving support of grandmother, mother and father continued, as the father Shri Surendra Prasad Shrivastav, Railway and Mata Sarojini Shrivastav, have been working in the Department of Health.From early education to matriculation, intermediate, undergraduate, masters (ancient history), masters (sociology) took education from Ballia. After that, MPhil from Sociology of Education and Research is done by Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi. After that in spite of struggling for a period of time, the time and the environment and contemporary ideas went on to apply the mature understanding of the world. Journalism and socio-cultural behavioral tendencies have been associated with trends After this, after the education of M.Phil, in 2006, teaching started in self-financed college. In the course of this teaching work, the Principal, Deputy Principal, Rovers and in charge of Rangers, Program Officer of National Service Scheme (NSS) Coordinator- Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University etc. During this time, organized the National Seminar (The impact of globalization on India: a sociologist's perspective). National and international journals with national, international seminar workshop were published in the journals. Six chapter books are published along with more than 50 articles on Dr. Bhimrao Ramoji Ambedkar, 10 on current environment, arrangements and other burning issues. Along with this, also edited the Globalization and India and Globalization: The Diverse Dimension Book.Globalization and society, ancient Indian religion and society, environment (social and physical perspective), Globalization and India and Gandhi discussions. Also, Radhakmal Mukerjee: A member of Chetan Parampara and Chetan Tata too. In 2015, the University Grants Commission on the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramoji Ambedkar established a place in 22 participants for the academic journey organized by the UGC and the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi, London School of Economics, London. establish a place in 22 participants, Pride in academic life span Achieved it. During this academic tour, the Aryavarta Vikas Patrika (Volume 5, December 2015) was also released at the University of Oxford's Central Library and British Library. After this the establishment of the Society, Aryavard Vikas Sansthan Harpur New Basti, Ballia-Uttar Pradesh in 2013, which also has the Managing Director. Under this Institute, Aryavarta is also editing the Research Development Journal (International Research General), which is also the editor-in-chief of it.
This institution has been forwarded to RNI and ISBN as publisher this year. The International Award for Excellence Publisher of the year 2018 has been received from i2or Australia. Objective of the institution: The purpose of this organization is to promote Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Secondary Education Campaign, Teaching-Training, Women and Child Development Programs, promotion and operation of rural development projects, cultural programs, green, white and blue revolution, Gourkhan, Cleanliness campaign, Digital making India, Socio-forestry, Herbal accumulation, pollution Awareness campaign for free environmental protection, people Awareness campaign for environmental protection, protection and publicity of public culture and local languages is to conduct technical and computer education. All sections of society, which are uneducated and untrained and conservative, have made a lasting effort to bring them into the mainstream. This effort of the institute is also being organized to organize seminars, seminars and poet conferences to eliminate social issues, rituals and theories. To do research related to it and to be done. Efforts should be made for constitutional development of different communities and classes.Women's empowerment, old age rehabilitation and girl child rescues are included in the priority of the organization.
At the same time, the institute maintains a pleasant motive for implementing all the tasks, so that level of members of all categories of society and all categories of society can be raised. For conducting all these tasks in a friendly manner, the seminars, seminars and poet conferences will be organized to eliminate and make public, cooperative, corporate bodies, voluntary organizations and service providers. Research related to this should be done and done. Efforts should be made for constitutional development of different communities and sections. The goal of the organization is to fulfill all these tasks with the help of all service providers to work in accordance with the institution. This endeavor of the organization is in progress and will continue. This is the desire to be assimilated with everyone.
DR. Rajeev Kumar Srivastava

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